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The taste and flavor for noodle products such as texture, shape of product, recipe for seasoning, etc. are required to be provided by the customer. Generally, the instant noodle production company will carry out the development of product flavor and market research beforehand, while the seasoning sachets may be produced by a seasoning supplier. It is recommended to recruit the local talent, and develop the product taste which meets the market where the factory will be located. Read More
Initially, we need the customer to provide various information, such as a rough recipe for the flour, the viscosity of the alkaline solution, type for the cooking oil (usually palm oil), type of seasoning liquid, the environment for production, etc. Further discussion will be made with the customer to check if there is need for adjustment. Read More
It is recommended to evaluate the market demand from the local market for the instant noodle product, to determine the scale of production line. Read More
As a machine manufacturer, we do not have a running production line in our factory for observing the making process for instant noodle. There are usually machines that are being assembled, and we can arrange for visit in the factory to observe the appearance, structure and the assembly process of the equipment. If you would like to know more about the processing procedures, we can provide relative information for reference. Read More
Because the instant noodle production line is required to run continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to achieve sustainable operation, it is necessary to use materials with good quality and durable parts, the design for machine structure need to be solid, and assembly must be precise. All of these processes come with costs. With the low price equipment, the production line may have higher risk for breakdown, more material waste and high energy consumption in the long run, due to the inferior materials, poor design and rough processing. Extra labor and cost for maintenance and repairing in the future is foreseeable. We manufacture the equipment with good quality materials, professional design and precise processing. It is guaranteed the equipment can last through years. As a proof for reliable quality, there is production line equipment which is manufactured by CCK 30 years ago, still in production at present. Read More
We will plan the layout with standard production in straight line. If the factory space is confirmed too limited to accommodate, we will make additional evaluation and provide alternative solutions. Read More
All of the materials we use are in accordance with international common regulations If there are other special requirement, we can cooperate and make additional adjustments. Read More
We can arrange a visit to the existing production line for evaluation, and then propose the upgrade or improvement solution. Read More
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