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CCK offers a full range of professional service.
CCK offers a full range of professional service.

Turnkey Project Production Line

CCK is the best choice when a customer wants to invest in an instant noodle production plant. We offer an overall plant planning service, and provide consultation on factory plant design, machine sourcing, processing line management, and other relevant consultations. CCK has many years of valuable experience in working with leading instant noodle companies, and can answer many questions regarding instant noodle processing and provide professional advice.

Customized Noodle Process Line

Since the consumers around the world have great differences in taste preferences for instant noodles, each instant noodle product will have different production requirement. Therefore, customization is necessary for each instant noodle processing line equipment. The costumers need to provide the details of production requirement and capacity requirement, such as noodle type, noodle product size, packaging method, etc. We will design and plan the production line equipment accordingly. In addition, the space for equipment, cost budget, and the range of automation will also be considered.

Trouble Shooting

When the instant noodle production line is in operation, if any issue occurs in the equipment, the customer may provide photo or video regarding the issue and send to us, our expert team will make suggestions and provide solutions. The common issue for machine operation and maintenance can usually be resolved by communication via email or telephone. However, in some special cases where the issue is too difficult for the customer to deal with, we will send a professional technician to assist with troubleshooting and provide relevant technical support.

Upgrades & Modifications

For existing equipment owned by the customer, if there is need of efficiency improvement, adding new function, or modification, we can make assessment and recommendations. Depending on the actual project condition, the modification can be done by the customer with provision of materials and design form us, or we can arrange for on-site guidance with CCK technicians.

Parts Supply

We offer a wide range of consumable parts for instant noodle processing line equipment, such as slitter, brass combs, cutting blades, fryer or dryer baskets, etc. If the customer is looking for an alternative for the consumable parts from the existing noodle equipment made by another supplier, we can manufacture the parts as per customer requirement, or provide parts with new design.

Our Advantage

◆ High Performance, Low Energy Consumption, Lower Waste
Take the CCK 1200 Bag Type of Fried Instant Noodle Production Line as an example, the capacity can reach up to 720 packs per minute, with 70g noodle. Energy saving and reduction on material waste is considered carefully in every aspect of design, such as the smooth transfer between each process, less residue at the dough discharging in the Flour Mixer, less steam leakage for the Multi-Stage Steamer, etc.
◆ Sustainable and Less Breakdown
Because the instant noodle production line is required to run continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unexpected breakdowns may create a lot of material wastes. Therefore, we carefully select parts and materials of good quality. The durable structure design, combined with precise assembly technology, and multiple tests at the factory to ensure that the equipment can withstand long periods of operation.
◆ Operation Safety
Every CCK instant noodle production line equipment is equipped with safety protection system, including safety guards, insulation, safety switches, emergency stops, etc.
◆ Food Hygiene and Safety
All area that has direct contact with food product is made of food grade materials, such as stainless steel, food grade UPE, Teflon etc. Material certificates and food grade certificates are available on request. The structural design reduces dead corners, and the welding for the food contact area is fully welded and polished to reduce the chance of chip residue. Cleaning access such as cleaning doors or detachable doors are provided. In addition, metal detectors can be added to eliminate metal contaminated product.
◆ Automatic Control, Less Manpower
The Continuous Flour Mixer offers fully automatic mixing system. Alternatively, the Batch Type Flour Mixer offers automatic multi-steps mixing. The Pressing Roller system provides auto control for roller speed and dough sheet tension. Synchronization system for whole production line offers synchronous speed tracking and control. HMI interface offers immediate access to the production status, parameter setting, failure diagnosis, trouble shooting and remote monitoring.
◆ Easy Maintenance
Designed to take into account the convenience and efficiency of maintenance, reserve maintenance space, or use easy to disassemble design, etc., to shorten the maintenance time. Standardized mechanical parts for easy management. Electronic parts are selected from customers' locally available brands.
◆ After-Sale Service with One Year Warranty
According to customer requirement, we will arrange on-site guidance with our professional technicians for equipment installation and commissioning, as well as operation training. Operation manuals and related documentation are also available.
◆ Long Term Availability for Parts Supply

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