CCK Introduction

CCK Introduction

Welcome to Cheng Cheng Kuang

We are the leading brand of instant noodle equipment in Taiwan.
We are the leading brand of instant noodle equipment in Taiwan.

As the leading brand of instant noodle equipment in Taiwan, we specialize in the development and manufacture for a variety of instant noodle production line equipment, which produce fried noodles, air dried noodles, bag noodles, cup or bowl noodles, snack noodles, etc. Since CCK was founded in 1970, over the 40 years, we are dedicated to our customers with product and service of professionally high standard, and establish a good reputation for quality, while continuously look for improvement and innovation in instant noodle processing technology. Our products have reached many places around the world, including Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

The instant noodle processing line equipment manufactured by CCK offers the advantages of High Performance, Easy Operation, and Low Maintenance, and meets customer satisfaction for low energy consumption and less manpower. Sustainability and durability is one of the key targets for the CCK machine manufacturing. We want to provide the machine that will last through years, and keep the customers free from the extra cost and labor in the future for repairing breakdowns or even further modification due to quality issue in the equipment. From design, material sourcing, manufacture, assembly, shipping, to installation on site, we strive for accuracy and precision in every stage, and implement strict quality control.

To meet the strict requirement for food hygiene, our team works on the structure design to reduce dead corners and maximize the access for cleaning. All area that has contact with food is made of stainless steel or food grade materials. With the introduction of mold technology for the mechanical parts, the part replacement is made easy and the down time for maintenance is reduced. On the other hand, it also reduces the welding and offers better hygiene and better look in appearance. We also take much account of the operation safety. Each machine is equipped with safety design and device for personnel protection. The CCK instant noodle processing line equipment has received CE certificate in 2005.

We are not just one machine supplier. Apart from providing high quality equipment, CCK also offers a full range of overall professional service, including consultation for factory plant design, on-site guidance for installation and commissioning, operation training, after-sale service, and proposal for improvement. On the other hand, more than 90% of CCK's sales are machinery for instant noodle production line. We have extensive experience in various possible issues for instant noodle processing, and can provide practical solutions to problems encountered by the customers. We are committed to maintain good communication with our customers, cherish the customer's feedback, and aspire to become a reliable and long-term business partner for our customers.

Business Philosophy

  • Quality is implemented in every production procedure.
  • High Performance, Easy Operation, Low Maintenance.
  • We cherish all the feedback and comments.
  • Goodwill is regarded as the foundation of business development.
  • The learning space for the employees is opened with a fair attitude.
  • We keep reasonable prices for long-term business co-operation.
  • By continuous innovation to strive for the best record of growth.
2017Qingdao Cheng Chang Kuang Ho Machine Co., Ltd moved to Cheng Yang Industrial Sector, Qingdao City, China. And renamed as Qingdao Chuanglian Precision Machinery Co., LTD.
2005CCK instant noodle processing line equipment received CE certificate.
1997Established Qingdao Cheng Chang Kuang Ho Machine Co., Ltd in Qingdao City, China.
1995Moved to the new factory for business expansion at the present address.
1973Company name was changed to Cheng Cheng Kuang Machine Co., Ltd.
1970Cheng Cheng Kuang Industrial Co., Ltd was founded.
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