Continuous Flour Mixer

Fried Instant Noodle

Fried Instant Noodle

As the most popular format for instant noodle, the fried instant noodles are appetizing both in taste and appearance.

Dried Instant Noodle

Dried Instant Noodle

The air dried noodles contain less fat and have longer shelf life of one year.


40 Years Continuous Flour Mixer | Cup & Bag Snack Instant Noodle Machine And System Supplier | CCK Machine

CHENG CHENG KUANG MACHINE CO., LTD., since 1970, is a Continuous Flour Mixer | instant noodle machinery and system manufacturer based in Taiwan. Each instant noodle production line is built and designed focusing on low energy consumption and less manpower.

CE certified air dried/non-fried instant noodle making machines, including flour handling machines, alkaline mixers, dough conveyors, dough sheet pressing rollers, forming machines, noodle steamers and packaging systems. From instant noodle machinery design, material sourcing, manufacture, assembly, shipping to installation on site, we strive for accuracy and precision in every stage, and implement strict quality control.

CCK Machine has been offering customers high-quality instant noodle processing lines, both with advanced technology and 49 years of experience, CCK Machine ensures each customer's demands are met.

Continuous Flour Mixer

High Speed Rotary Mixer, Continuous Dough Kneader / Instant Noodle Equipment

Instant Noodle Production Line Equipment - Continuous Flour Mixer
Instant Noodle Production Line Equipment - Continuous Flour Mixer

The Continuous Flour Mixer consists of one High Speed Rotary Mixer and one Twin Shaft Plough Shear Kneader. Once the mixing is activated, the dough batch is produced continuously without stopping. It does not require the repetition of manual activating the mixing and discharging. This reduces manpower and product discrepancy. With high rotary speed and centrifugation, the High Speed Rotary Mixer rapidly blends the alkaline solution with flour, and the uniform mixing is achieved in extreme short time. The mixing performance excels even the traditional Batch Type Flour Mixer. The Kneader provides further process of aging and kneading, with very similar design as the Batch Type Flour Mixer, and has all the same advantages such as the patented design of twin shafts with plough choppers, safety devices with interlock system, hygienic design for easy cleaning, and jacketed tank body. The Continuous Flour Mixer is also adaptable for automatic feeing of multiple recipe ingredients by combing with additional screw conveyors.


  • Less Manpower: Full automation with continuous mixing. Adaptable for automatic feeding of multiple ingredients.
  • Low Energy Consumption: 15 ~ 30% less than the Batch Type Flour Mixer.
  • High Quality Mixing: With Rotary Mixer, the Continuous Flour Mixer offers much better mixing uniformity than the Batch Type Flour Mixer, and stability for the dough condition, with only 1 ~ 2°C temperature increase in the dough after continuous mixing.
  • Optimized Efficiency: The Kneader uses patented design of twin shafts with plough choppers. Cylindrical shell at the lower part reduces dough residue, and reduces the flour waste.
  • Easy Operation: HMI interface offers immediate access to the production status, parameter setting, failure diagnosis and trouble shooting.
  • Safety: The Kneader top covers and door are equipped with safety devices with interlock system. If any cover is opened during mixing, the Kneader stops immediately.
  • Hygiene: All area that has direct contact with food product is made of stainless steel or food grade materials. Polished tank surface prevents the dough from sticking inside the mixing tank. Precision welding at the joints reduces trapped residues, and make easy for cleaning.
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    The flour handling and dosing system for instant noodle processing line usually includes flour sieving machine, vacuum blower (vacuum pump), air-lock or rotary valve, dust collector, screw conveyor, and the flour storage tank or silo. The main function is to transfer the wheat flour from the flour storage tank or silo to the temporary flour tank above the Mixer on the instant noodle processing line.Generally, there are several flour-transferring methods for the flour dosing system, including vacuum suction, compressed air blow, and screw conveyor. Among them, due to the totally enclosed structure, the vacuum system and compressed air system are adaptable for long distant transfer. It can avoid contamination of foreign bodies or residue inside the pipes, and the systems are also easy to operate. On the other hand, the screw conveyor has simple structure which is easy for maintenance, low energy consumption, but with a down side for its residue and cleaning difficulties. Therefore, the screw conveyor is mostly used in flour transfer for short distance.The common procedures for the flour handing and dosing system of one instant noodle processing line are as the followings. ● Flour storage tank → Manually pouring flour into the sieving machine → Temporary flour tank → Mixer. ● Flour storage tank → Manually pouring flour into the sieving machine → Mixer. ● Flour storage tank → Temporary flour tank → Mixer. ● Flour storage tank → Mixer.

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    The function for Alkaline Solution Mixing Tank is to mix salt, sodium carbonate (soda ash), or other soluble ingredients with water, and blend well until the powder solution is completed dissolved. The alkaline solution is prepared beforehand for the dough making in the Flour Mixing Machine.

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    The main components for the Dough Conveyor is a belt conveyor and the Delumper shaft. The completed dough after mixing falls on the belt and rests while being shifted towards slowly the outlet. At the end of the belt conveyor, the Delumper shaft breaks the bigger lumps and the dough falls down into the Sheet Forming Machine.

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    The Batch Type Flour Mixer consists of two sets of Horizontal Twin Shaft Plough Shear Mixer, and is proven to achieve high quality mixing with SGS certified test results. Maximum capacity reaches up to 500~650kg per batch, with 28~30 % water content. Safety devices with interlock system are provided for operational safety. Cylindrical inner shell design with precision welding and surface polishing reduces dough residues and is easy for cleaning. During production, the two Mixers take turns to produce dough batches and each batch takes around 20 minutes. The mixing procedure is fully automatic with multi-step mixing cycle and variable speed setting. While the Mixer body is jacketed, customization is also available for heating jacket, cooling jacket or no jacket. Exhaust vents are provided for moisture release, and extra manual dosing holes can be added upon request.With the patented design of twin shafts with plough choppers, the dough inside the Mixer is agitated up and down and also circulate gradually left and right. This allows the alkaline solution to reach every corner within the mixing tank and be evenly distributed. The trial test for mixing performance has been carried out in our factory. Random samples were taken and sent for analyzation in the SGS organization, to obtain the data of the moisture and salt. The report has proven that after mixing the moisture content reaches uniformity all over the whole dough batch, and shown a very satisfying mixing result.

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